Google may notify you when your local business listing goes live in Google Maps & Search

August 16, 2018 Jay

A new notification from Google My Business will tell businesses when their local listings go live.

Google My Business (GMB) is rolling out a new feature to notify business owners when their local listings go live in Google Maps and Google Search.

Allyson Wright, community manager, Google My Business, announced this in the forums, saying “We’re in the process [of] launching a new notification that informs you when your business goes live on Google services, like Search and Maps.”

This feature will not work for those who do bulk submissions or have over 100 listings in their account. It’s only available for those who have their user-language preference is set to “en-US.”

Even if you haven’t yet signed up for Google My Business, you’ll receive two separate notifications: a welcome email and another one when the listing is live — assuming GMB has your proper email address.

You can also configure your Google My Business notifications at https://business.google.com/settings.

If you don’t see this feature yet, don’t worry, Google said. “This will be rolling out more broadly soon.”

This article was originally posted at Search Engine Land by Barry Schwartz on July 18, 2018.


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