Google My Business Suggests Positive Reviews to Share as Posts

Google My Business is launching a new feature which will help business owners showcase positive reviews.

GMB will automatically suggest positive reviews which can be shared as customer testimonials via Google Posts.

Suggestions will appear when signing in to Google My Business, and they may even be sent to business owners in an email notification.

Only recent reviews which are either 4 or 5-stars will be suggested, and business owners will have the option to edit the review before publishing it.

Google’s announcement states that this feature is rolling out in “some countries.”

Strangely, Google doesn’t specify which countries are getting access to this feature.

Google Posts make for an effective way to share positive reviews. In addition to appearing on a business’s GMB page, they may also be shown on Maps and in search results.

By default, posts are live on Search for 7 days after they’re published, and can be set to be visible for up to 14 days.

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So it may be a good idea to check at least once a week for new reviews to share.

Posts can include CTAs, which can be used strategically when sharing reviews.

For example, if a customer leaves a rave review about a particular service, you can add a CTA with a link to that service page.

Posts can also include up to 10 images and videos, which can be useful for adding more context to a review review when applicable.

I haven’t heard any reports of anyone having access to this feature yet, so I’m not sure how widely its available.

Mind you, it just launched so it may take some time for business owners to notice they have access.

Source: This article was originally posted at Search Engine Journal by Matt Southern on April 19, 2019