Linking Instagram and Facebook: How and Why It’s Important

There’s no doubt that in today’s techno-centric marketplace, it pays to be social, and linking your social media accounts can make it a lot easier to manage them. Since both Facebook and Instagram are under the same ownership, it makes sense to link these two powerhouse platforms. But how do you do it – and why?

Here’s the how…

The first part – how to link your accounts – is pretty simple. All it takes is a couple taps or clicks to complete the process, and Instagram has the step-by-step instructions for both iPhones and Android phones on its site here. Be prepared for the usual sequence of permission pages and privacy settings to allow both accounts to “communicate” with each other and determine who sees your posts (in this case, your friends on Facebook. Having separate business accounts on each platform prevents accidentally posting personal pictures on your business page. Pretty simple, right? Now, what are the benefits of linking?

…and here’s the “why”

The primary advantage of linking Facebook and Instagram? ( Get ready, it’s corny) A picture is worth a thousands words. Yes, you’ve heard it hundreds of times before, but it’s true – people respond more to visual images, and using photos and videos is a great way to promote your image and underscore your brand. Linking the two apps makes it easy to share the images you want your audience to see.


Yes, you can use other apps to share photos – you can even upload them directly to Facebook from your computer. But because Facebook owns Instagram, these two platforms are designed to work together – and that means you get the most traction and the greatest ease by pairing the two. Plus, you can tap into exclusive functions that make it easier to track and manage your social presence on both platforms so you can be more effective in driving sales and building your brand presence.

Finally, linking your social media accounts sends the message that your brand is well-established and trustworthy. All the “big brands” do it, and by joining the push toward social media integration, you position your company as one that’s forward-thinking and in-step with its customers’ evolving needs.

Not sure how to get started? Don’t let the process overwhelm you. Working with a marketing company takes the guesswork out of setting up and managing your accounts so you can focus on your business and your customers.

Source: This article was originally posted at Clarity Marketing on February 14, 2017